Must. Love. Dogs.

Dogs. Flowers. Good Beer.

Not necessarily in that order.

For the love of God... Get OUT(side)!

I miss my Mom.
Be Awesome.

Be Awesome.


 verb \ri-ˈnü, -ˈnyü\

: to make (something) new, fresh, or strong again

: to make (a promise, vow, etc.) again

: to begin (something) again especially with more force or enthusiasm

…even if I tried, even if I wanted to…


“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.

Because if you pick it up it dies and ceases to be what you love.

So if you love a flower, let it be.

Love is not about possession.

Love is about appreciation.” 

~ Osho

This is the silly part of my mantra…
"Be Silly.  Be Honest.  Be Kind."

This is the silly part of my mantra…

"Be Silly.  Be Honest.  Be Kind."

For many reasons, the minutes, hours, days, weeks and months of my life seem to do one of two things.  Either drag on as if I was unloading 2 cubic yards of mulch from the back of a pickup truck, or fly by like an elite marathoner traveling down Boylston Street!

But no matter, The Load Out ALWAYS helps to bring the tempo to exactly where I need to be…  (while it’s usually reserved for a late evening Friday night commute with a cold beer waiting for me on the other end.)  This morning I find comfort in the lyrics struggling to recognize a pace that is SoMeWhErE, errrrrrrr, in the middle!!